7 tips to save money on New York City travel

New York, the big apple of United States of America has a status of being a lavish and an expensive vacation destination. A report republished by Statista stats that the average cost of spending a night in any New York City’s hotel is $254, which is truly sky-high in comparison to other top vacation spots all over the globe.

Keeping the price facet aside, from Central Park’s leafy paths to the neon of Time Square, this city pulses with an irrepressible energy! Therefore tossing New York out from your list of prominent travel destinations will do no justify to this global hub of entertainment.

  1. Proper planning is the key to triumph

Group the renowned spots you want to see by neighborhood, so that you can visit one part of this city day each day. For example, arrange a stopover to Times Square and the Central Park one day, and the statue of liberty and the Wall Street on the next day.  This approach will help you to save dollars on subways, and taxis.

  1. Countryside accommodation

Instead of falling into the tourist traps by booking rooms in an overpriced hotel in New York, expand your reach to countryside locations. Accommodation in a rural area of any tourist destination is in general us priced lower than city ones, and usually, offer exceptional and rusty experience. Here you get to discover and explore the real culture of a city.

  1. A tourist pass

If you know you’ll be covering a lot of renowned places in your stay in New York, then it is worthy to buy a tourist pass. This pass allows entry to dozens of sightseeing attractions in this conurbation for a fixed number of days. This will not only help you to cut down your vacation expenses, but also enable you to skip the lines.

  1. Freebies

Don’t shy away from taking the advantage of freebies, as there are several attractions in this metropolitan city which are free all the time.  The High Line, a public park stage which host regular street performers is one such spot of free leisure and entertainment. Not to mention, the Downtown Boathouse offers public kayaking programs free of charge.

  1. Discounts coupons

Make use of all the travel discounts coupons you have attained though regular online shopping to get best travel discount deals.

It is also a worthy option to bookmark, and sign up a few coupon code engaging sites to get new deals and discount related emails in your virtual inbox.  However, you have to be on toes to grab the deal, as most offer a catch like only 24 hours to avail the deal.

  1. Choose ferry

Take the ferry, and give harbor cruise a miss to slash your transportation expenses into half.

  1. Cycling

Cycling can be fun and thrilling, and especially if you are doing this in a city which respect its two-wheeler travelers by constructing paths for smooth and safe driving. Just wear the safety equipment, obey lane rules, and hit the road to see New York from a different outlook. This urban city also promotes cycling by organizing bike programs like city bike.

The above seven ways to save money on New York City travel are not only effective, but also uncomplicated to slot in in your tour plans.

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