Sardines have been one of the easiest type of fish to catch since human evolved. And their popularity started to rise throughout Europe due to the production of canned food during 18th century. One to two centuries after, sardines were also very popular in American as well.
Sardines are small, oily fish that are also known as pilchards in some regions. However, they usually come as canned food therefore, their popular name is canned sardines. Even though, sardines are commonly regarded as an individual species, they have found 21 kinds of fish belong to this category. Several of the most famous types are sardine, sardinella, dussumieria and sardinops. These are often found in Atlantic and Pacific or Mediterranean Sea.
Sardines own some health benefits such as heart attacks prevention, cancer blocking as well as aged macular deterioration. Therefore, it can strengthen bone, boost immune system, resist insulin and rejuvenate skin. Below are several health benefits that sardines provide us.

1. Reduces Inflammation
Sardines which are one of the most effective natural sources of omega 3 fatty acid, is known to supply sufficient daily requirements for an adult. Sardines also provide nutrition like EPA and DHA, which are two properties have abilities to diminish inflammation sensation thereby, improving heart health as well as retain the brain function and wiping out gum diseases.
The tremendous benefits of this acids are associated to their capability to work as an anti – inflammatory substances, thereby enables them as one of the most effective treatment and prevention of numerous medical conditions. Furthermore, omega – 3 fatty acid is also known to have a great impact against mood disorders, cancers, arthritis as well as heart attacks and strokes.

2. Anti-Cancer Properties
Studies conducted about cancer have shown that the consumption of calcium and vitamin D which is sardines rich for is significantly effective in avoiding cancers, like colorectal cancer.

3. Improve Bone Health
Since sardines is a rich source of calcium, thereby, eating sardine can effectively improve the health and movement of bone. A high amount of calcium, combined with exercise on a regular basis can improve bone health as well as help you to stay away from diseases like osteoporosis.

4. Boost Immune System
Consumption of canned sardines also takes part in boosting the immune system. Studies have indicated that sardine fish oil can enhance the immune system by lifting up the number of immune cells in the immune cells.

5. Insulin resistance
Insulin resistance is the first option to seek for in diabetes. If there is any insulin resistance, the insulin established in the body is used less efficiently. Which means there is a surplus of glucose in the blood which indicates “unhealthy”. Studies have declared that consumption of sardines have effectively reduced the insulin resistance in the body. The protein in the sardines has been proven usefully in lowering insulin resistance, compared to casein protein.

6. Prevention of Heart Attacks and other disease
As mentioned, sardines are wealthy in omega 3 fatty acid which is indicated as a positive cholesterol. It is very useful in preventing heart attacks and strokes as well as other diseases. Studies have been conducted and proven that these similar types of this fatty acid (EPA and DHA) is the main player in manipulating heart diseases. Omega – 3 fatty acids are also known to possess an incredible ability against arterial plaque which is responsible for preventing arteries and boosting blood pressure. Thereby, by unclogging plaque, these acids can regulate the blood pressure effectively.

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